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The Hospedaje is part of an overall project, which aims to build practical and ecological alternative living, based on different social relations. With its wealth of natural resources, Ometepe Island could live in almost total autonomy, respecting the environment and creating new ways of living together. To create and stimulate those new way of life, several projects are in progress or under construction. If any of these projects interests you, your helping hands are always welcome, for a few days or months!

The Hospedaje Central El Indio Viejo

The hospedaje itself can accommodate ongoing volunteer for all sorts of tasks : cooking, maintenance / housekeeping, gardening, DIY, decorating… If the work within the hospedaje interests you, we await you!

Click here to see photos of the hospedaje.

Tichana project: a future ecological, autonomous and traditional villagemapa tichana.

Located on the other side of the island, this village will draw inspiration on Indian lifestyles and techniques to live in harmony with the nature and local resources. The village is primarily a place of life for permanent residents. Like all traditional Indian villages, it will include a section reserved for the accommodation of passengers and passers-by.

If this project interests you, your helping hand will be welcome ! Feel free to contact us.

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