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Panorama de l'Ile

Located on the island of Ometepe, the Hospedaje Central “El Indio Viejo” is more than just a hostel, it is a place to live and meet new people. Our team of international volunteers (Nicaraguan, Quebec, Belgian, French, Brazilian ….) will receive you friendly and will offer the following services :

Individual or collective accommodation at unbelievable prices!Nos hébergements

From beds in dormitories at $ 3.5 to air-conditioned rooms with private bathroom at $25, all budgets will find them !

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Restaurant and Bar

le barGet ready to tickle your taste buds. Our chic and chock chefs will prepare you a variety of dishes, from the most typical Nica to the vegetarian one (with a very special attention for vegans) .

The bar offers alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, fresh and delicious smoothies.

Best of all, the bar groove to the sound of a sunny cool music !

Internet and wifiInternet et wifi

Computers are available for access to Internet. You can also connect into WiFi, if you have your own computer.

International callstelephone

You can make calls to the world at great rates. …

Bicycle rentalA bicyclette

For an hour or day, our bikes (and your legs!) will take you all around the island. Cycling is a great ecological way to discover the island at their own pace!

Patio, garden, Chico and Menta!le coin hamac

Come and take your time, or waste it delightfully in the garden or hammocks, reading or talking, or playing with our two stars: Chico and Menta

chico and menta

Want to discover and give a helping hand?

The Hospedaje is part of a larger project, promoting solidarity and ecology, which emphasizes the promotion of local products and alternative way of life. Currently, two major projects can receive volunteers (a third one soon):

  • the Hospedaje Central El Indio Viejo : the hospedaje works almost exclusively with volunteers (that’s why we can offer so low prices !)
  • Cocibolca, local and ecologic agriculture : located just opposite the Hospedaje, this former nightclub is being converted into a new space, aiming to solidarity and ecoogy. Locals and tourists will be able to find a “Sympathèque” (awareness, nutrition counseling, ecological impacts of our lifestyles …), an Aromathèque” (advice and sale of aromatic herbs …) and a “Biothèque” (sale of fruit/vegetable products processed from the local agriculture of the Island)
  • Tichana project, a future autonomous, ecological and traditional village : located on the other side of the island, this village will draw inspiration from indian lifestyle and techniques, to live in harmony with the nature and local resources.

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